The Best Cooling Mattress Pad Reviews in 2017

  • We all know that friend or partner who is always sweaty the entire night. Perhaps it could be you, and you find this annoying that you have to wake up each day drenched. Honestly, you are not to blame at all (make sure your husband or wife gets to read this line).
  • What you need is to try using a mattress pad. The sole purpose of these pads is to make your nights a thousand times better by removing excess heat from your body using different ways. Today we have a selection of some of the best cooling mattress pads for whichever lifestyle you lead.
  • By buying and using a cooling mattress pad, you are choosing to have healthier nights. Your body requires relatively cold environments for the perfect sleep. Research suggests the most favorable temperature for sleep is between 600F and 670F (150C to 190C).





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Things To Consider In Buying Cooling Mattress Pads

Well, it is quite simple. Just observe these three parameters:

  • Material
  • Cooling mechanism
  • Density of the pad

1. Material

The material is probably the deal-breaker when you want to get a mattress pad. There is a further breakdown we shall explore here:

Gel memory foam

  • The best thing about gel memory foam is that it adapts to your body contours. The foam can increase your comfort as well as remove extra heat away from your body. Also, these types of foam are incredibly durable.
  • You should note that memory foam might not be as breathable as the latex pads for instance. Another thing to consider is that for extended periods of sleep, the foam might start warming up.


  • The structure of latex allows air to flow better than bamboo for instance. Always check the latex pads to make sure the contours included are enough to give a cooling effect. Here’s a video by Foam Order (on YouTube) to help you choose the right latex mattress topper.

Down or Feathers

  • The joy of tender softness and smooth feel cannot be said any better than those made from feathers or down. A soft pad can be a great option, especially if you sleep on a firm mattress.
  • Something to consider is that when you choose to get feather pads, pick the high-quality ones. Poorer qualities can sometimes feel uneven and lumpy. Another piece of advice is for those with allergies. Don’t choose this option because you might be asking for trouble.


  • Wool has to be one of the most durable mattress pads you can get. It works to keep you quite cool in the hot months and performs well during the colder months. Additionally, buying wool will save you a few pennies because it is relatively affordable compared to the other materials
  • What you should remember, however, is that wool pads tend to move around and not stay in place. Only pick this option if you do not mind straightening each morning.


  • For those of you who crave the feel of feather or down, but are put off because of your allergies, here is a savior. Fiber is derived from synthetic materials and has the softness of feather toppers. What you get with this material is excellent comfort and support.
  • Another bonus is that it is an affordable option for those on a budget. It can also be advisable for those who want to try cooling mattress pads but do not know what is best for them.


  • Mattress pads may consist of some natural materials or be made 100% from organic products. The most common certified organic mattress pads come from latex or wool. These pads usually get made from varying amounts of organic products.
  • When shopping, try to pick ones that come from some organic materials. That is a plus to environmental conservation.

2. Cooling Mechanism

This part is where some science and technology comes to play. Different mattress pads have different ways to regulate your body temperature throughout the night. These methods fall into two categories; passive and active cooling. You can check out an example of a heating mattress pad here​

Otherwise let me break it down for you:​

Active cooling

Active cooling involves using accessories that you attach to the mattress to make the environment cooler you as you sleep. Here is a video example of a mattress pad that does both heating and cooling.

Passive cooling

  • Passive cooling on the hand is all about the natural design of the pad itself. It depends on your movement to suck and release air. Some have ventilation holes, airflow contours or use materials infused with the gel substance.
  • If you happen to know about the Outlast Technology for heat regulation, you will be aware that this is probably the best feature for passive cooling.

3. Density of the pad

When it comes to density of the pad, I will let that be subjective as to what works for you. A few things to note here are that:

​The densities of cooling mattress pads vary on a density rating, which runs from 3 being the least dense to 5 being the densest. Therefore, choosing here will depend on your preferences and probably some consultation from a physiotherapist.

Less dense vs. dense​

  • The less thick pads will have more sink to them. They can be ideal for people who prefer the comfort and do not mind such pads. We advise that lighter people go with this option. If you are heavy, you may find that the sink puts much pressure on your lower back.
  • Denser pads of a minimum rating of 4 usually have high stability because they do not sink as much. These pads are ideal for people with back problems. The firmness helps maintain your posture as you sleep.
  • Again, this is entirely subjective to your needs and preferences. Just make sure you make an informed decision that you will not regret.

Our Review of The Best Cooling Mattress Pad

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the review.​




  • Hypoallergenic
  • Can be thrown in the washer or drier anytime. Only at low heat though
  • Comes in a whole range of sizes
  • Intricate stitching holds the filling intact
  • The breathable bamboo fiber keeps the pad aerated and puffy


  • After washing it could shrink a little
  • Some customers found the sides to be a bit too thin, fragile almost
  • Not perfect for those who prefer a firm mattress
  • What you might notice is that this mattress pad is marketed more like an ordinary mattress topper than a cooling pad. This pad comes in all the sizes you could think of; (Split King, California King, (Cal King), King, Queen, Full (Double), Twin XL (Twin Long) and Twin)

​Great affordable quality

What is surprising about this product is its ridiculous price tag. It is about half as much as other renowned brands of cooling pads you might come across. The Amazon reviews speak for themselves. It seems like virtually every buyer has never had any regrets. On top of all that, the company has a veteran of the US Military as the founder. It cannot be any more American than this.

Design and feel

When it comes to the feel and design, you will immediately notice how tender and luxurious this product feels. For those with firmer beds, you will be pleased by how much softer your bed feels after adding this pad. Not only is the softness for aesthetic beauty, but you will also sleep much better because of the slight sink of the pad.


Sleep Innovations 4-Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper


  • The pillow top cover fits well on the memory foam
  • Easy to remove and wash the outer cover
  • Thick memory foam is comfy and does great with heat absorption
  • Shipping package is conveniently small


  • Price point is a little higher than others in the same category
  • There is a slight off-gas while the topper is still new
  • Some people found it to be too soft
  • As the name suggests, innovation is certainly what this company had in mind. Their mattress topper is a cozy four inches of gel-infused foam that cool you all night long. The foam nests itself inside a couple of inches of some fluffy fiberfill. The result is that you will manage to sleep without having annoying pressure points that could lead to feeling sore in the morning.

Impressive design and construction

  • The upper layer is exceedingly soft, some even comparing it to sleeping on a cloud. This cover layer is removable and machine washable. Inside is the gel-infused memory foam. The construction feels very solid, and you can sleep on this worry without worry.
  • ​Customers have appreciated the high-quality construction of this pad. The manufacturer ships each piece with a 1-year limited warranty.

ISOLUS 2.5-inch Ventilated Gel Pad


  • Very comfortable and cozy bamboo cover
  • Removable cover that’s easily washed
  • CertiPUR-US certified means it is made using safe components
  • Effective heat management especially in hotter months
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Some back sleepers might still find it too thin to alleviate back pain
  • The price point is also on the higher end
  • Some users found that it felt a little bulky
  • The odor present while still new might irritate some
  • This topper is a product made by Malouf. It has a 2.5-inch thick gel-infused foam. With its thinner design, you can count on better heat management and a beautiful sink. The pad has a bamboo cover which is surprisingly smooth and elegant.

Protective bamboo cover

  • The pad consists of the gel memory foam encased by a soft plush cover. Both side, back, and tummy sleepers will find its thickness just right not to cause any unwanted pains. The bamboo cover is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, so you will not have to worry about dust mites crawling up on you.

Spa Luxury Cool Touch Bamboo Plush Top Mattress Pad


  • Comfort is what stands out for many customers
  • The cooling that accompanies the support works great
  • The company makes padding for mattresses between 7 and 20 inches
  • The product comes with an Infinity Skirt to fit very snug on the mattress


  • Does not work too well with stiffer mattresses
  • Some customers complained of the pad heating up
  • As you may have guessed from the title, this mattress pad comes from a blend of bamboo and other fabrics. It has a luxurious feel which is very smooth. The bamboo material enables the pad to have excellent cooling properties. The fabric is quilted, and that design is what makes this product good at channeling heat from your body.

No memory foam but it is cool

  • One thing you will notice is that this mattress pad does not have any memory foam. Even though you might be losing out on the support and contour effect of memory foam, you still get excellent cooling and comfort.

Iso-Cool Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Outlast Cover, Queen


  • Comfortable three-inch foam for excellent support
  • Outlast technology for better temperature regulation
  • The pad does not move about during the night


  • Quite pricey
  • For those who leave sweat patches, the Outlast cover is a pain to wash
  • The topper itself is quite bulky
  • This pad has a three-inch memory foam, which takes the comfort to another level. The good thing with this pad is that it can work on a huge variety of mattresses.

Excellent construction

  • Talk of the material of construction and you guessed it; it is cotton! This pad is one of the few who boasts the Outlast technology for temperature regulation. Therefore, the pad can better balance temperatures around you as it gets warmer or cooler than your body temperature.
  • What more do you need?

The Iso-Cool has a bigger price tag, but once you have tried it, you will know why it is loved so much.


  • Our best pick has to be the Sleep Innovations 4-Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper - Gel Memory Foam and Plush Fiber. Not only does it have a mid-range price point, but the product comes from some very high-quality materials. The 4-inch memory foam combined with the unique top and bottom designs of the topper makes it feel luxurious. Heat regulation is excellent thanks to the gel memory foam.
  • From this review, you should have a clear view of which product best fits your lifestyle. For those with medical issues like arthritis and back pain, choosing the best cooling mattress pad could be the difference between comfort and suffering. Please go through the Amazon customer reviews to get more insight.

Otherwise feel free to leave any questions or comments, and we will be more than glad to answer them.

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