Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers Reviews 2017

A mattress is a very important component in today’s society. The come in different types and surfaces depending on how an individual sleeps. Different people have different sleeping styles, depending on their choice and comfort. At the end of each day people need to rest and recover in readiness for the following day, but a good chunk will find it hard to get good sleep.


On the subject of innovation, a lot has been done when it comes to bed designs for those sleeping on their side. However, the question now becomes: Which mattresses are the most suitable or side sleepers? What about the dust mites and bedbugs? Are there any harmful chemicals in the mattress? Is it the firmness of the mattress the pelvic rotation or the support?

These three factors are crucial when deciding which type of mattress to purchase:


Relieving pressure points while sleeping will ensure that the most important structures of the body are aligned and contoured according to the body curvature especially the back and spine when sleeping. These mattresses enhance the support provided to the body and ensure side sleepers peacefully during the night.

At the point when searching for beddings that will meet your side sleeper needs, you’ll need to search for one that contours to your body’s shape. Froth beddings offer numerous focal points for side sleepers. However, well-constructed and composed innerspring sleeping cushions can be compelling too. Some of the popular styles for side sleepers are

  • The log where the legs are fully extended
  • The fetal where both legs are curved
  • The sprinter style whereby one leg is straight, and the other is bent

Because of the sleeper position variation support is crucial which greatly ensures that the mattress is contouring the body in a suitable manner the whole of the night


For side sleepers, you’re going to need to look for something delicate that will moderate the sleeping scale. A delicate sleeping pad (with incredible backing) will soothe weight from your neck and back. Solidness is maybe the most vital trait for side sleepers. This is because of the very way of the position.

With a specific end goal to give legitimate bolster, the bedding must have the capacity to shape to the bends of your body (yes, men, even you have bends on your side). A delicate or medium solidness sleeping cushion will permit your body to sink into the bedding more, which will permit the bedding to form to your shape.


As a result, the after effects of misalignment of the back muscles and lumbar spine. It is brought about when a sleeper bends or twists their legs up contrary to the position of the abdominal area. There are few ways of controlling the pelvic rotation, but there are few measures one can do to control them

  • Training during the night by sleeping in side position to improve backbone alignment
  • Usage of pillow to maintain spine alignment

We are going to discuss in detail the mattress that is suitable for side sleepers and help you decide which type will meet your specific requirements and needs which will fully satisfy an individual needs.

Let’s start!

1. Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress - Twin Extra Long - Custom Comfort - Ask Chuck

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This one has a width of 60 inches, 80 inches long and 10 inches deep, with a weight of about 75 lbs. The latex mattress comes with a bamboo cover.

The latex mattress is way much softer than cotton but with four times absorbency of moisture of cotton for the drier making it much cooler and comfortable to sleep in. It also has a high density layer that’s 5.5 inches thick at the bottom. The purpose is to supplement air flow and increase the mattress conformability.

It has 3 inches of Talalay latex foam which is designed to contour with the distinctive curvature of the body for pressure release and orthopedic support. In the mattress, the bamboo cover is completely 100% biodegradable fibers with a thickness of-of 1.5 inches of tender and soft reflex foam.

The tender acclimating backing of latex foam lessens high-weight zones that close off the blood stream bringing an individual to be uncomfortable. This reduces weight and pressure which conveys oxygen and supplements to your muscles, so you get up in the morning feeling energized and recharged. – Ideal for sensitivity and allergy sufferers, Talalay latex, which makes it easier to breath. Optimal orthopedic backing, normally adjusting to body forms. Luxurious versatility and feel. It also has improved breath-capacity with added resistant to dampness and warmth with superior weight alleviation that conveys oxygen and supplements to muscles.


  • It’s very durable and supportive
  • It’s fitted with an organic wool underneath that will keep you cool when it’s hot and vice versa
  • The mattress is the best suited to reduce and relieve pressure to an individual when sleeping
  • For an individual wanting a green lifestyle this mattress is incredibly green as its made from material that comes from natural resources like bamboo
  • In comparison to cotton its much softer and customizable to meet an individual specification
  • Very breathable compared to other types of mattresses
  • Its 100% safe as it contains no chemical properties


  • The mattress is a bit expensive when compared to other types
  • People complain that it’s heavy and floppy making it harder for movement and maneuverability around the house especially during cleaning
  • People complain about sagging of the mattress
  • There is a little bit of smell “off –gassing” when it’s newly purchased, but the intense odor wears off with time. The most crucial thing is that the odor is not toxic or harmful.
2. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

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With regards to side sleepers, this is a suitable type of mattress, as it provides full-body comfort as well as helping to align your skeletal structure. It comes with a product dimension of (80×60×12) inches, and an approximate weight of 92 pounds. It’s manufactured with a dual comfort design a deep support bottom layer and a classic comfort top layer.

Its cover is made up of soft poly cotton and suitable pressure points which provide personalized alignment of the body at night. This mattress is also versatile as it’s also built for different size of bodies from average to bigger sizes and has a 20-year limited warranty which is beneficial to the customer. It also has a medium feel meant for a lighter cradling comfort. This particular type of mattress has Anti-dust mite technology and lastly it has open cell technology.


  • Economic friendly as it has a great price
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Has perfect motion isolation
  • Provide great air circulation
  • It’s comfortable and convenient with immense cooling effect
  • Promotes better spine alignment which greatly reduces body pains
  • It’s suitable for people with allergies and delicate skin


  • The cover cannot be removed for cleaning
  • It’s heavy inhibiting movement
  • It has an odor when it’s brand new though its only for a few days from the time of purchase
  • It gets hot when the room temperature is high
  • To some side sleepers, it may be too firm
  • It does not promote for air circulation as it traps body heat inside the mattress
3. Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

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This particular mattress is characterized by a memory foam layer of 3.5 inches and has an 8.5-inch foam layer that’s of increased density. The foam is low on VOC emission for superior indoor air quality (as regulated by the Consumer Safety Product Commission) with about 4lb of the same memory foam providing for ideal firmness.

Also, there is a fire redundant layer for safety. The Memoir 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress will bolster the body weight equitably; soothe weight concentrated on the shoulders, hips, and feet, and eradicate any of the arising motion disturbances. The outcome is an extraordinary and exceptional sleeping experience


  • It provides balanced support when sleeping and perfectly contours the body
  • The price is quite affordable to customers
  • It’s firm and soft making it ideal for side sleepers
  • User-friendly is easy to unwrap and unfold
  • It’s long lasting as it has a dense form core
  • It’s safer as it meets the minimum safety standards


  • It does not have any form of cooling technology
  • Wears with time
  • Heavier making it difficult to move it
  • The 12-inch depth may not be ideal for everybody
  • Has a bad odor when new but this is typical for new mattresses and the smell will subside with time
4. Tuft & Needle Mattress, King

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The weight and dimensions of this product are (76×80×10) inches and about 80 pounds. This type of mattress is manufactured with two layers of foam, of the combined thickness of 10. The top layer has a polyfoam layer of 3.0 inches, tailored to provide comfort and support for the spine’s natural location. In return, back and neck pains will be mitigated if not eliminated. This is the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress with an extraordinary cooling experience. The bottom layer foam has a support base of 7.0 inches. The cover is made of polyester which is thin and white. Simplicity is key for this type of mattress.

The slimness is mainly meant to improve and regulate the temperature of the mattress and allow for direct contact with the foam layers. The foam cells are crucial as they boost the rate of heat transfer throughout the mattress. It also has the heat wicking ability whereby the heat is drawn onto the mattress with the gel. Graphite is used to disperse the heat and away from one’s body when sleeping. It’s also compressed and vacuum sealed which expands when opened.The mattress is made in such a way that it has medium firmness which provides universal comfort.


  • Provides great support and comfort
  • The thin covers provide instant softness and pressure relief
  • Versatile-Its suitable for a wide range of sleepers
  • It’s quite cheap when compared to other types of queen mattress
  • It’s cool and also very breathable
  • It has perfect motion isolation and heat retention
  • This product is of high quality as it is handcrafted
  • At the time of purchase, it has 100-night trial and also comes with a good warranty
  • It’s safer as it contains no harmful chemicals  meets all the safety  standards
  • It also provides for an affordable and cost friendly alternative to memory foam with the same exact comfort level and results


  • This mattress needs a firm foundation
  • The firmness can be irritating for some side sleepers at the time of purchase
  • It takes some time to be softened to the medium firmness
  • Larger sized mattresses are difficult to unpack for small sized individuals
  • Like most mattresses, it has some odor when purchased
  • Some of the side sleepers complain it’s too firm for their liking


With all the deep insight and at these four types of mattresses for upright sleepers. One is equipped with the relevant knowledge and information to be able to decide on which type of mattress to purchase and the one that meet all the necessary requirements and specifications that will fully satisfy them and will be effective and efficient and provide a good night’s sleep.

Always check for the availability of the type of mattresses as well as seek professional advice to hear their point of view and their recommendation on which types of mattresses are best in the market currently. During special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving family members and a friend will be able to know the exact types of mattress to get for their friends and relatives who you know sleep on their side.