Fun Facts About Memory Foam Mattress

Have you heard of the infamous mattress that a lot of people have claimed to have done wonders to their backs and improved their sleep? Well, it is called the Memory Foam Mattress. It sure does not really sound like an ordinary mattress. In fact, it actually makes you wonder what the word memory has to do with a mattress the first time you hear its name. Nonetheless, this miracle mattress has gained the attention of the public for a while now. But, do we really know enough about this mattress? Here are a few fun facts about the Memory Foam Mattress that are definitely worth knowing.

Fun Facts About Memory Foam Mattress

How It All Started

The general idea of its design is not really as modern as some of us might have thought. The history of the Memory Foam Mattress can actually be traced back from around mid-1960s. Back then, it was obviously not used as a mattress. But, it was very significant at that time when it was first designed just as how it has become today. Memory foams were first used for the seats of NASA airplanes. The substance called viscoelastic that makes up the memory foam is known to be soft yet absorbs energy really well. This is what makes the memory foam comfortable to sit in and yet, capable of protecting the astronauts from impact. Since its debut in the outer space, the memory foam has made its way to various products that needed some cushioning such as a helmet. Later on, the field of medicine has also found some use for the memory foam in creating more comfortable prosthetics and seating pads for patients. Since then, memory foam has continued to be a significant part of our lives which is evident in what we now call the Memory Foam Mattress.

The Fun Part

The Fun Part

After knowing a little bit about its history, it’s time to stress on the things that makes this product stand-out from the rest.

What Does It Do?

The design of the memory foam is meant to mold the human body as it responds to the heat and pressure when we sit or lie down on it. This ability of the memory foam to sort of adjust to our body shape and position is what allows it to distribute our body weight evenly. Once the pressure on the foam is removed, it easily returns to its original shape.

What Makes It So Special?

Well, apart from the fact that it was first released as a cushion for NASA airplanes where it has certainly proved its value, it is the unique ability of the memory foam to adjust to our body that makes it so special. In fact, it is this particular ability of the memory foam to do so that allows its users to sleep more comfortably at night and ease their back pains. Just imagine having to sleep on a really soft mattress that alters its actual shape to duplicate the natural curves of your body. So basically, even if you lie on your back, sides and even on your face, the memory foam is versatile enough to keep you comfortable at all times.

Does It Have Any Disadvantages?

One of the common points that experts have raised regarding the memory foam mattress is that the body heat from the person using it may be absorbed in the mattress which can be quite uncomfortable for those people living in temperate areas.

Generally, the memory foam is proven to be very useful in many ways and we can all agree about how it has made our lives more comfortable and convenient. In fact, the same technology in this foam is now used in some pillows. So, now we get to have a matching memory foam pillow and mattress for that ultimate sleeping experience we all have been dreaming about. Sleep is very important for everyone at any age. So, it is only fitting that we make sure that we get enough of it. And if a memory foam mattress can do that—and maybe some memory foam pillows as well—then we should all grab that chance. Let these fun facts be your guide when start thinking about purchasing a new mattress and maybe, just maybe, these can sway you into buying your own memory foam mattress. After all, what wouldn’t you do to get a good night sleep?

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