Key Factors When Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

If you’ve decided to purchase a memory foam mattress then you’ve certainly made a wise decision. The foam was developed by NASA engineers in the 1970s to keep astronauts safe and comfy when leaving and entering Earth’s atmosphere. The tech works by distributing pressure uniformly throughout the surface, and it then returns to its previous state after the removal of pressure.

Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

When in the market for memory foam mattresses there are several factors to consider. Here are some of the most critical ones:


The foam density is critical when shopping for a memory foam mattress. Ideally the foam density should range from 2.25 kg and 2.75 kg (4 and 6 pounds). You might see something called the “indention load deflection” scale, which is a firmness rating used for foam beds. A higher number means that the mattress is firmer. How firm is enough? The mattress should be firm enough to provide enough support for your body, but also have enough cushioning/recoil to keep you comfortable while lying on the mattress.


It’s a little difficult to test a memory foam mattress when you’re shopping online, but it’s still possible. You can find the same manufacturer/model you’re considering in a showroom and then test it out. Experts recommend spending at least 15 minutes testing the mattress before you decide it’s the right one. It’s important to lie on your back, stomach, and side, in order to test the different sleeping positions you’d use at nighttime.


This is yet another key factor to consider when choosing a memory foam mattress. It has a lot to do with the brand you choose. Make sure to do some research about different components of a memory foam mattress. That will help to determine if a particular mattress is a high, mid or low quality one. Higher quality mattresses will cost more, but they’re certainly worth the investment in your health and comfort. Remember that people on average sleep one-third of their lives.


It’s important to get this issue right when shopping for a memory foam mattress. Keep in mind that that different companies might have different terms for their sizes. In other words a king-size mattress of one company might not be the largest size of another company. It’s highly advisable to go by the dimensions rather than the name of the size. That will help to get the right mattress for your bed. When taking the measurement s of your bed, it’s highly advisable to take them two or three times, just to make sure.


Memory foam mattresses often have a scent that last for about a month or so, and then it goes away. This could be an issue for people who have health issues such as allergies. However, keep in mind that the scent will only last about a month. So if you can survive it for a month then it won’t be an issue later on.


When comparing different memory foam mattresses, the brand of the mattress is an issue you should take up. Will certain brands guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the mattress? It’s not necessarily the case. Make sure to do some research about some of the top brands on the market, before choosing your next mattress. You can get some good advice on the Internet, such as from reviews, testimonials, and other sources.


There are tons of factors that can affect the price of a memory foam mattress. They include the size, density, manufacturer, etc. You can sometimes find discounts and promos that can help you to save money when buying a mattress. Keep an eye out on the Internet, TV, magazines, etc. for the best prices available, otherwise you might miss the best deal of the year.

Besides the actual price of the mattress, you should also learn about a company’s policies regarding returns, exchanges, refunds, etc. In particular, you should look for a 30-day return policy as you’d likely be using the mattress for years or even a decade. Even if you take all the right steps before choosing a mattress, you might have buyer’s remorse after spending several nights sleeping on the mattress.

All these issues will help to buy the “best” memory foam mattress for your needs.

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