The Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses

Are you thinking about purchasing your very own memory foam mattress? There is a big chance that you have heard some people raving about it and you are also getting curious to find out more about it. You would like to make sure that it is right for you.

You have to remember that a memory foam mattress is the same with other products that are being sold. This means that they also have advantages and disadvantages that you have to consider to ultimately help you decide if you are going to purchase the memory foam mattress or not.

Cons Pros memory foam mattress

If in case you are wondering about its pros and cons now, you do not need to look any further because they will be listed down for you right here.


  • Will give you relief from stress

One of the reasons why people find it hard to sleep at night is because of the feelings of stress that are encompassing their whole body. The pressure that the mattress may be giving the body is uneven and this results to people not getting the quality of sleep that they deserve. The use of a memory foam mattress can help relieve that stress and ultimately, can help people sleep well.

  • Will maintain normal body temperature

Unlike other mattresses that will be too hot or too cold for the body, memory foam mattresses will help regulate normal body temperature. This means that while people sleep, they will be comfortable and this can lead to getting a perfect night’s sleep.

  • Can help align the spine.

For people who are suffering from scoliosis and other spine alignment problems, the use of memory foam mattresses can help correct the problem. It has been said that people who use memory foam mattresses to sleep can also help keep their spine aligned and this can again result to experience better sleep.

  • Hypoallergenic

One of the main reasons why people find it hard to sleep at night is because they are constantly sneezing and coughing because of their allergies. Memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic which means that dust mites and other particles that might cause allergies will not be able to thrive on the mattress. This is also considered to be perfect for people who are suffering from asthma.

  • Quiet

Unlike the other mattresses that you may have had in the past that are not memory foam type of mattress, you can be sure that this type of mattress is quiet. This means that you will not expect it to tweak or creak while you are using it. It will stay quiet enough to help you sleep at night even when other people will be sleeping with you on the bed, you will still stay comfortable.


  • Smell

You have to remember that memory foam mattresses have been exposed to various chemicals that will allow the memory foam mattress to have a certain smell especially when it has just been unrolled for the first time. This is not something that should be pondered on for a long time though because the smell usually goes away after some time.

  • Can Still Get Hotter Faster

This is especially true for memory foam mattresses that are still new and firm. There will be instances when the memory foam mattresses may become too hot for your body temperature. This can still depend on the memory foam mattress that will be chosen. Admittedly, some mattresses are more comfortable than others.

  • Low Support

There are some memory foam mattresses that may not give the type of support that you are used to. Once again, this will highly depend on the memory foam mattress that you are going to choose. If you are going to choose one that can be effective for you and can provide the support that you need, then this can be perfect for you.

  • Difficult to Measure

It seems that there are some manufacturers that are releasing some memory foam mattresses that are not true to size and this has confused a lot of people tremendously especially if they would like their memory foam mattress to be placed on top of their normal mattress. Instead of basing it on the normal measurements (King, Queen, Double etc.), it will be best if you could check out the actual number measurements of the memory foam mattress to help you decide the right one for you.

You have to remember that if you are truly having a hard time choosing the right memory foam mattress, you may want to have the size of your memory foam mattress custom made. This can benefit you more in the long run. Not all memory foam mattresses are made the same. Consider the differences of each so that you can choose the right one for you.

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