What You Need to Know About The Memory Foam Mattress

Did you know that the Memory Foam Mattresses that is getting very popular recently was created for NASA back in the 70s? It was first created as a topper pad, but then it was used in the memory foam mattresses by the time it was introduced into the market around the 90s decade. Since that time, the sales for memory foam mattresses have become really grown in the mattress market. Every year, customers see a lot of companies, even those that have already been working with the old mattresses to be engaging into the business of memory foam mattresses, including the topper pads. Since there are so many in the industry and so many good brands to choose from, what should the consumer do?

About The Memory Foam Mattress


If you take a look at history, when memory foam was simply made for NASA, they also discovered that the memory foam is good to use for the medical field that will aid in relieving pressure sores. Throughout those years, the memory foam showed a unique promise to the industry in a way that it has responded well with temperature, not to mention that its got an ability in spreading pressure throughout most of the surface area, thus reducing the pressure points in a very significant number. While its very first version was referred to as T-Foam, the one created for NASA, it did provide a great deal of promise as a cushion material for wheel chair or bed topper, yet it faced a lot of issues when it comes to its wear and tear. The very first generation of this particular material was not very durable. There were times that it would compress or even gets cracked over time.

There was that first company that has noticed the potential of the memory foam that should be presented to the consumers market. They really worked hard on creating their own variant of the memory foam and even developed their own name for it. The result of their work was the more durable and was able to handle pressure reducing advantages that memory foam have today. This particular product of that time was then used for the medical field, but they soon started hearing how the patients using such products were able to sleep better and had less back pain, not to mention that they were able to feel more refreshed in the morn. Somebody, without any record as to whoever started it, used this particular situation and took advantage of introducing the memory foam to consumers.

Targeting Common Consumers

Because it was known to be an item highly used amongst patients in the hospital, the memory foam during that time was really expensive and has always stayed in its price range up to this day. After being in the consumer market for a few years, there were other foam manufacturers that have seen the potential of the memory foam, which also resulted into producing their very own product line of memory foam. Since these manufacturers are those that produce products for the foam industry targeting the common consumers instead towards the medical field, the cost of the structure of their products was lower. The manufacturers also priced their memory foam at half the usual cost of how memory foams for the medical field were priced. Since then, the memory foam became very popular and its demand has grown. Because of the latter, various manufacturers from different parts of the world created their own variants of the memory foam.

Keep in mind that not all memory foam is created the same. There are those that are just incredibly more comfortable to use compared to the others. What they really differ from each other is the quality – the softness or hardness of the foam, its density, its response against temperature, and also the longevity and durability. Although there are technical specs written in each memory foam product, these specs alone won’t give you the assurance that the memory foam is indeed comfortable to use. There are customers out there that are very obsessed with the density records of the memory foam, as if it is telling them that the specs are the only factors that matter in choosing a memory foam mattress. There are those that really make a feel to the product, while there are those that refer to customer reviews.

Final Thoughts

Memory foam these days can easily be bought anywhere since a lot of manufacturers are selling them. Just don’t forget to to look at the names of manufacturers that truly sell products like that of the memory foam mattress.

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