What’s The Catch About The Memory Foam Mattress?

Nothing is perfect in all aspects and even this widely known product that has provided great amount of benefits is still questioned by many. This attitude of some people allows them to be very meticulous when it comes to many things especially if it involves money. Nowadays, there are a lot of things sold in the market that promise convenience and comfort at a reasonable price. But, as a consumer, we all deserve to know both the good and the not so good side of every product.

The Memory Foam Mattress

The Real Score

Let us get to know the real score about this infamous memory foam mattress and explore on what really is the catch about this interesting product.

May Not Be Suitable For Warmer Places

The memory foam is meant to be sensitive to the different changes in the temperature of our bodies. While it uses the heat from our body to adjust itself and make us feel more comfortable, it may also be able to retain some of that heat in them. If you live in warm places and your room is not properly ventilated, you may not feel as comfortable as you should be which is quite ironic. This is actually one of the most common complains about the mattress. So, if you plan on buying one, make sure that you can tolerate some extra heat from the mattress while you sleep on it.

A Disparity in Their Quality

Memory foam mattresses come in different models or designs. This means that they could also differ in their density, texture and quality. Ultimately, these differences may be a factor in the comfort level that each person experiences while using the memory foam mattress. So, it is so much better to at least be a little familiar with its technicalities and to study different reviews from the real experiences of other people. That way, you can be more comfortable about buying your new mattress because you are confident enough of its value.

The Chemical Smell

Have you ever noticed how our newly bought things have that distinct smell in them? Well, the same goes with the memory foam mattress. It gives off this chemical smell that others may not be able to tolerate. But, this can be remedied by a few steps as long as you follow directions. Experts suggest that after purchasing your new mattress, you should not cover it with sheets right away. It is best to air it out first for a couple of days or for as long as the smell completely subsides before you start using it.

Not Enough Body Support

While the mattress has this unique ability to adjust to the natural curve of your body, its flexibility may not be able to provide a firm support for your body. Some experts would say that you could actually be hurting your back instead of relieving pain. In fact, they suggest that if you develop some back pain, you should discontinue its use for a while just to make sure that you will not increase any initial damage that it may have caused. So, before buying one, you should at least consult your doctor if this type of mattress should be just fine for you.

Difficulty to Move

As mentioned before, some types of memory foam mattresses may differ in specific details such as their density. If you are the type who tosses and turns a lot while sleeping, you may find a higher density memory foam mattress to be uncomfortable as it somehow prevents your body from moving too much. Some people who have used the mattress have that same complain which led them to return their mattresses from where they bought them.

We all have different preferences and our decisions are plainly subjective based on those preferences. If you are completely convinced that a memory foam mattress would be good for you, then by all means, purchase one. But, if you are doubtful of its value, you can freely opt to buy other alternative mattresses. Anyway, experts say that sleep is subjective. We have different ways of sleeping and different levels of comfort that we want to achieve. Ultimately, it all boils down on whether a particular product is able to provide us with what we are looking for. Just remember that everything has its own deficiencies, it is just a matter of determining whether its benefits outweigh its imperfections.

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